Supplying the best Technicians

Top professionals that get the job done, RIGHT. Our colaborators are trained and certified professionals with extensive background in electrical and mechanical engineering.

Working with you for a better future

Our, more than 8 year, track record of experience in the field colaborating with personnel with communication skills which will help to complete the job smoothly.

Number 1 in Wind Turbine Technician recruitment

We have an ever increasing database of skilled people. Our personnel are ready to work in severe weather conditions whether it on-shore or off-shore in any part of the globe.

Some of our work around the world

Professionals For Any Job:

  • Project Management

    Agreeing to and providing advice on the management of project objectives, representing the client's and organization's interests, organising various professionals working on a project, carrying out risk assessment, making sure all the quality standards of the project are met, using IT systems to keep track of people and progress, recruiting specialists and sub-contractor, monitoring sub-contractors to ensure guidelines are maintained and overseeing the accounting costs and billing.

  • Site Management

    Prepare sites prior to the commencement of construction work (to set out the site and organise facilities), plan projects and ensure that they meet agreed specifications, budgets and timescales, oversee building work, supervising contracted staff, meeting subcontractors, making safety inspections and ensuring construction and site safety, checking and preparing site reports, designs and drawings, maintaining quality control procedures.

  • Construction and Installation

    Pre assembly, assembly of Towers, Nacelle, Hub and Blades, Bolt Torqueing, Mechanical finishing, cable work, etc….

  • Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning

    Ensuring that equipment works to its specification, creating and carrying out test procedures, investigating problems, diagnosing/repairing faults, troubleshooting, reports and documentation and providing technical support.

  • Retrofitting

    Upgrade of electrical layout, mechanical layout and replace of bolts or other materials).

  • Maintenance and Service

    500 hours, 1 year, and 5 years depending on the manufacturer's requirements and Troubleshooting.